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Wall-to-Wall Carpet Services At Great Prices

At Wool Rug Cleaning New York, we’ve been working with carpets for many years, and we like to think we know our trade. We know exactly why our clients love their carpet - it's soft on their feet, can be ordered in so many styles and materials and gives an incredibly cozy yet luxurious feeling. In the winter, it’s so much more comfy than cold tiles or wood flooring, and really makes those long winter evenings more bearable.

Installing wall-to-wall carpeting also means you don’t have to use area rugs in your home or office. Wall-to-wall carpet absorbs noise and keeps warmth in (which is good for your heating bills). It is also a very safe option for toddlers, young children and the elderly - who are more prone to falling and breaking limbs than everyone else.

Affordable Wall-to-Wall Carpet Installation Services

Moreover, as long as you vacuum it and have it cleaned professionally on a regular basis, it isn’t too much trouble to maintain. Wall to wall carpeting also makes an excellent play surface for toddlers and young children since it’s a great cushioned surface for them to wander around on. This gives real peace of mind to parents! And, come on, it’s not bad for adults too - why put our chairs for a movie or football game when you can all lay back on the carpet?

Wool Rug Cleaning New York offers customers a wall-to-wall carpet installation service across NYC and the wider New York Area. This includes door removal, furniture moving, installing tackless strips and then the carpet pad, then trimming and stapling steams. We are confident you will be happy with the results and feel pleased you have chosen carpet for your room.

We Can Clean Your Wall to Wall Carpet Too!

What we also know, however, is that deep beneath the surface are a few things that you’d rather not pay attention to. But that doesn't mean you can ignore them! Everyday wear and tear leave soil dirt and grime in the fibers, but there’s also something just as nasty dust mites and unpleasant allergens. And trust us, none of this is good for your health. That’s why we offer a deep cleaning service which eradicates stains, spots and odors as well as day to day grime.

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